Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 9

wounded, or inadequate to life's challenges we want change.

So what next then?

Change requires a new consciousness. Changing our consciousness states is a matter of finding and changing our past intentions, our values, our focus, and our perspective.

I have neither the time or bandwidth to teach techniques or exercises here, but i will give you three small tips to elevate your current state of awareness to greater satisfaction:

1) Divest from concept perception and look at things directly - people, money, circumstances, health, and relationships, as they are, using no past influenced filter, etc.

2) Understand that fear is a false emotion, the only thing you need to move forward

into higher states of mind is the courage to love and believe in yourself as the creator

of your reality.

3) Release and forgive your past negatives (e.g. hurts and wounds and those who you

believe perpetrated them). It does you no good and sabotages the present or future.

Every state of consciousness has a dominant thought pattern, context, linguistic arrangement, set of habits, and perspectives. To reach that next level or to change your current experience state, find that bigger pattern; notice the energy, vocabulary, and emotional patterns of those who have it and identify yourself as "one of them." Then, create elevated emotions attached to your desire and practice, practice practice! Email Harrison for more information here.

"Essentially, we are all Love.

We are born with it..."