Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 8

energetic, vital, and happy. So we dream and aim our energy into the past or future. Something better for us must be out there.

But, what if our circumstances are really only our state of consciousness?

Einstein said, "a problem cannot be solved with the same consciousness that created it." (paraphrasing). Thus, if you are willing to believe that - if you accept that the way we think and act creates our experience - it then becomes clear that in order for our wealth, health, dissatisfaction, relationships or circumstances to improve we must change our state of mind consciousness to a more robust higher set of thoughts.

Every level of experience is dominated by a particular kind of thought energy, not unique to the person, but unique to the level. For example, its obvious that wealthy people think and act much differently than poor people. Also, brilliant people see things very differently than stupid people. These are the results of states of mind consciousness.

The more we are able to self determine our state of mind the better we fare in the game of life. The tragedy is that most people never discover this, They've never been taught and they don't know how to change. So, they stumble around through life making minor adjustments, uninformed or misguided decisions, unconsciously through struggle and effort trying to wrestle problems into submission with the same consciousness that created it. This is generally unsatisfying, and painful. It’s somnambulism, (sleepwalking); a sleeping interpretation of reality.

In recent years, there has been a movement of spiritual awakening. Worldly and dogmatic authority has lost the power favor it previously had among the masses. Many people began questioning the way out of the infra structure of the religious and psychological solutions to their pains. Religion and therapies weren’t doing it for them. The doctrines of what was supposed to make life good wasn’t working. This awakening has been about opening the evolution of personal mind states.

One thing we do know is that the things that make us powerful and happy seem to be more awareness of the present, better focus and more (or better) consciousness. (inner dialogues and feelings of wholeness). Dogmas, doctrines and dictated behaviors didn’t provide this. So as breakthroughs to wholeness began becoming more and more apparent in extraordinary people, the curiosity and desire for better mind-states built into a momentum of finding and creating elevation.

On one small level, I represent this movement, which is the need to be free of external authority, the abdication of dictated submission to others opinions, and the perspective of independence. This comes from the experience of my love rather than the rules of societal/parental behavior control and has liberated my bliss and fulfillment.

Now, I teach others how to break their psychological chains of pain and attachment to imposed conditioned structure of what should be instead of what is, and victimhood. I guide, instruct, and improve their stuck or fixated states of consciousness to live from love, self and bliss, and soar! By the way, the benefits of higher states of consciousness also creates abundance.

Understanding Consciousness states is an extraordinary thing. Most people can not do it deliberately. They are subject to the dominance of their good or bad past, and immediate environment. To change a states of mind takes intention, focus, and practice. It is a living awareness that defines our realities and determines the decisions, knowledge, and the perspectives from which we experience our lives. If we feel damaged, wounded, or inadequate to life's challenges we want change.