Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 10

The Problem

The USDA estimates that 42 million people in the United States are food insecure as of 2015. Of this number, 13,118,000 are children under age 18. That means 1 in 6 children live in a household without consistent access to adequate food.

“Sababa” means everything will be good;

wonderful; and positive.

We provide an opportunity for people to give back without changing their habits or daily routines. Sababa represents a way of life and making a difference in the community.

Sababa is a One into One™ company. For every product sold, Sababa gives a meal to a child in need, right back into the community where the product was sold.

In 2017, partnering with Waste Not OC, 14,396,255 pounds of food was recovered, equivalent to almost 12 million meals!