Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 34

include calcification of the soft tissue, including the arteries; cardiac and neural malfunction; Blood Brain Barrier leakage; and build up of millimeter waves in the superficial fascia tissues of the body. Similar disruptions are also affecting plant life and even the rain. Dr. Pall says there’s very real evidence that this technology could lead to early onset Alzheimer and Dementia in people as young as 30. Statistics certainly indicate they are on the rise. There is also a direct correlation between EMFs and rising depression rates.

Dr. Pall then moves on to pulsed signaling. The difference between non-pulsed and pulsed EMF’s apparently makes most of the difference.

And you likely guessed it... 5G technology is pulsed technology that exponentially increases the health risks. Researchers like Jeff Brown, who was interviewed about 5G on Glenn Beck’s interview show had a great deal of information about 5 G being the dawn of a new era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the surveillance state.

However, he made mention that any claims of health effects of 5G are simply conspiracy theories created by telecom competitors to disrupt US 5G development.

Unfortunately, Jeff, like many others, doesn’t address any of the concerns head on, or discount the wealth of data supporting the dangers of 5G directly. Instead, he simply passes it off as a conspiracy theory and moves on. Mainstream Media does the same by simply omitting any talk of the dangers and only discussing the increase in internet speed.

Could this technology be retrofitted in a healthier manner? Does it have to be deadly? “Infrared pulsation rather than microwave pulsations could be far safer for human health,” says Dr. Pall. He also mentions the unnecessarily high amounts of signaling by telecommunications technology that could be drastically reduced.

The amount of signaling needed for the volume of data transfer humans are using is far lower than what’s being pumped out around the world. He goes on to mention that these EMFs could be therapeutic if and when used intelligently.

But at present, the intelligence has been left out of the multi-trillion dollar effort to surround the planet with EMF producing technology at an astonishing rate.

Satellite technology is being launched into orbit with the ability to cover the entire planet with these frequencies, regardless if you’re on a boat in the middle of the Pacific or in Antarctica. So, let’s take a look at why 5G is such a coveted race? Does this technology simply mean faster phones and quicker downloads?

Wuhan, China was the first fully blanketed 5G city in the world, Plus, many other cities in China are retrofitted with City Brain technology, where the city itself actually uses algorithms, created by Alibaba, to reduce traffic and also to locate every citizen. 5G technology also includes the camera systems with facial recognition software that are being installed in every city around the world.

This software is undoubtedly connected to every citizen’s digital identity. Each human has a digital identity from every single picture you’ve ever appeared in, even if you ended up in there by mistake.

All transactions, social media posts, emails, credit score, voting tendency, website visits, and word spoken around technology is recorded and added to your digital ID. This Digital imprint creates a mirror world representation that the algorithms use to know how to sell you products, alert authorities of what you’re up to, and how to classify you for government programs.

Retired US Airforce General Robert Spalding highlights that in a 5G world, you can not simply throw your phone away and opt out of the system. The data remains private and in the hands of super wealthy data aggregators rather than in open source and accountable to the people. This world is primarily in China, right now. However, 5G is in a race here in the United States