Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 35

Retired US Airforce General Robert Spalding highlights that in a 5G world, you can not simply throw your phone away and opt out of the system. The data remains private and in the hands of super wealthy data aggregators rather than in open source and accountable to the people. This world is primarily in China, right now. However, 5G is in a race here in the United States.

Both the US and China are jockeying for control over African territory and laying 5G infrastructure on every square inch of the continent.

The question I would like to pose is simply one of common sense. Is there any possibility that the lust for power by major telecom companies and the surveillance edge each country will gain from developing 5G technology is cause for this multi-trillion dollar effort to whitewash the health hazards?

Of course it’s possible, so the question comes down to how much trust we place in major industries keeping our collective health at heart.

So what can we do about it? What are simple citizens to do if we wish to educate ourselves and have a say in the matter? First and foremost, be aware that the debate is not balanced and most people get their info and news from technology and platforms that are in the pockets of major telecom companies. Anti-5G sentiment has become hyped up to the point where the only opposing views shown on any TV news station is when a 5G tower is burned down out of protest. Again, completely ignoring the actual health concerns.

Perhaps the best we can do at this point is check out the many great sites such as:

that offer knowledge and many good tips and help for what you can do in your neighborhood. This will also help you change the conversation around 5G by producing balanced art and media that explores the dangers in a calm and socratic manner.

By eating properly, taking herbs like turmeric and various other nutrients, along with doing other anti-inflammatory protocols people can possibly mitigate the effects that this radiation has on the body; but this has limits and is only a temporary measure.

If we simply tolerate the proliferation of 5G technology by minimizing the physiological harm, it’s tantamount saying YES to sitting in a microwave, but working tirelessly to keep inflammation down. . It simply buys a little more time.

My question to you is this:

At what point does an intelligent citizen forego lumping this conversation in a convenient box like Conspiracy Theory and actively investigate if the dangers are worth ignoring?

How bad do the health effects have to get before people question the safety of their children playing near high power lines?

At what point do the rising rate of diseases become the impetus for us to question what kind of environment we are allowing to infiltrate our homes and neighborhoods?

Hopefully, we can move past easy blanket statements thrown over controversial topics; and become a species that actually does its own homework rather than outsourcing our critical thinking skills to pundits and popular internet personalities.