Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 33

What You Should Know about 5G

By Ben Stewart

5G is a hot topic in pop culture these days. It is also creating a lot of buzz and a lot of tactics to get the conversation to go away. At the same time, many who are distressed about all the warnings, just tune out to any discourse on the subject. So let’s take a deep dive and discover what 5G really is and how it effects you.

Martin Pall is leading PhD studying the effects of the myriad EMF or Electro Magnetic Fields that are produced by the abundance of technology and power sources for the growing internet of things on earth. Dr. Arthur Firstenburg is another researcher who is preaching on every platform that this technology is not safe for human beings. The conversation is primarily around 5G, more than 4G or any previous generation of telecom tech. But what exactly is 5G?

5G is simply the Fifth Generation of wireless telecommunications. All the major telecom companies in each country are currently in a race to bring about the 5G world, while much of the conversation is simply around the question “Is it safe?” The controversy circles around the health issues and the fact that the EMF’s are so much more prevalent today than what our grandparents had to live through. As of 4G we already had 100 million times more EMFs than during our grandparents’ time, and 5G will be a similar leap in a much shorter time. But the question still remains, is it all just hype or is there some truth to the health concerns?

Dr. Martin Pall says that 5G causes excessive calcium signaling in the body leading each cell to open outside natural cycles and producing deleterious effects to physiology. Oxidative stress is the consequence, which leads to inflammation. And, as we know, this at the root of most chronic diseases and many health issues that are on the rise in all modernized societies. The effects of this include calcification of the soft tissue, including the arteries; cardiac and neural malfunction; Blood Brain Barrier leakage; and build up of millimeter waves in the superficial fascial tissues of the body. Similar disruptions are also affecting plant life and even the rain. Dr. Pall says there’s very real evidence that this technology could lead to early onset Alzheimers and Dementia in people as young as 30. Statistics certainly indicate they are on the rise. There is also a direct correlation between EMFs and rising depression rates.

Dr. Pall then moves on to pulsed signaling. The difference between non-pulsed and pulsed EMF’s apparently makes most of the difference.