Masters of Health Magazine May 2023 | Page 98

In ancient Chinese rulers believed that each musical note was a connection to the Divine. The rulers orchestrated concerts with 10,000 players, making plentiful and powerful connections to the Divine. 

In a current example, the Latvian country of Estonia sponsors a weeklong songfest every five years. These historic concerts boasted of half a million singers... a good showing for a country of only one million people. Many credit the historic courage of this tiny nation in their struggles for independence - to the energy created by this vitalizing, musical experience.

 As the stars in the skies journeyed across the horizon, changing astrological energy influenced people. Their music changed throughout the year to provide support for personal and emotional challenges caused by the vibrations of planets. Instruments made out of the various elements were exclusively played at certain times, further engineering the balancing effect of the music.


In the next issue we will trace the unfolding of the “musical number” underneath the music.