Masters of Health Magazine May 2023 | Page 97

Musical Numbers


By Jill Mattson, Musician

The Sounds of Civilizations!


"Sounds can control civilizations!" wrote ancient officials. An outrageous idea at first glance, but many ancient dynasties lasted thousands of years, while we grow tired of our president in merely four years.


I planned to uncover why many rulers believed this. I hunkered down into the study of antiquity... for twenty some years, carefully recording musical and mystic secrets. Esoteric societies guarded their vibratory data, believing that whoever knew the secrets - could control people! They refused to document all of their secrets. Each esoteric school divulged a few teasers, but I studied so many schools, I accumulated a wealth of diverse vibratory knowledge.


The musical system of the ancient Lumerians (early pre homo-sapiens on a land mass in the area of the Pacific ocean) listened to a descending musical scale, in which the smallest distance between adjacent tones was equivalent to nine of our notes! Most notes were out of our hearing range. Perhaps they listened clairaudiently. This music was believed to energetically connect the listener with

the Divine. Later, the Atlanteans enjoyed a descending musical scale with the notes closer together, neighboring notes represented seven of our musical notes. The Atlantean music connected man to his own Divine Spirit.


The ancient Indian and Persian epochs boasted of a musical system built on the interval of six of our notes. Persian cosmetology, mingled with writings about Zoroaster, suggested that music escorted man towards the next lower hierarchy of spirit, the "Planetary Logos," providing a spiritual experience.

The interval of a sixth approximates Phi, a fascinating number in sacred geometry. Intervals of a sixth when raised up octaves into light equate to complementary colors. The Rife technology uses a pitch approximately a sixth away from that of a pathogen to cancel it out.


Historical documents shed light on music of ancient Egypt and China. Music was believed to be a powerful controlling influence on the population. Rulers regulated and policed the music people heard.


In ancient Chinese music each note was five of our notes apart. Musical sounds floated like the sounds of wind chimes, with no beginnings or endings. Tones still descended and were said to augment the imagination.


In ancient Chinese rulers believed that each musical note was a connection to the Divine. The rulers orchestrated concerts with 10,000 players, making plentiful and powerful connections to the Divine.  In a current example, the Latvian country of Estonia sponsors a weeklong songfest every five years. These historic concerts boasted of half a million singers... a good showing for a country of only one million people. Many credit the historic courage of this tiny nation in their struggles for independence - to the energy created by this vitalizing, musical experience.


As the stars in the skies journeyed across the horizon, changing astrological energy influenced people. Their music changed throughout the year to provide support for personal and emotional challenges caused by the vibrations of planets. Instruments made out of the various elements were exclusively played at certain

times, further engineering the balancing effect of the music.


Next message we will trace the unfolding of the “musical number” underneath the music.

This is the first of a three part series of how numbers underneath music changed throughout the ages. In ancient times, numbers were NOT thought of as tools for adding and subtracting, but possessing energy that affected consciousness. For example, the "one" energy would be that of a loner or a leader, while the "two" energy represented the energy of a partnership of a couple. In this way as the numbers underneath music changed mankind got the opportunity to master and experience difference energies or states of consciousness!