Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 24

Creating Reality

At Your Convenience

by Dianne Collins

We’re all aware that “we create our reality.” Yet, have you ever noticed when things aren’t going your way and someone points out to you that “you’re the one creating this” you want to say, “Please don’t give me that stuff right now!” This is what I call “creating reality at your convenience.” If it’s something good, oh yes, I created that! If not so good, there’s no way I created that. I trust you are having a laugh as you read this. It’s good for us to lighten up and enjoy the cosmic humor in our old habits as we advance along the path. Either we create reality or we don’t. It can’t just be working “sometimes” when it’s convenient to admit it, can it? The universal law of creation works nonstop, 24/7, eternally. I bring this up with the intent that we all take a quantum leap in mastering or at

least becoming keenly aware of what it is we’re creating.

By now most of us have studied some version of mind science, have seen the films The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know?!, or have had a direct, personal realization that we do in fact create our reality according to what we predominantly hold in our mind.

Mind in this sense means the total expression of individual consciousness including thought, emotions, feeling, and connection to transcendent awareness the source of all.

Yes, we are all very clear that we are imbued with the creation principle and are generating our reality all the time, whether consciously or not. Still it’s mind boggling to

realize that what we hold in our mind IS our reality! The important question becomes how aware are we moment by moment of what we hold in consciousness.

I was chatting with a friend the other day about how every entity is a being with spirit – a mountain, a river, a tree, a bumble bee and how plants and natural entities communicate

with us and have things to teach us. My friend got excited that I had brought that up and

started expressing his frustration surrounding his buddies and how they were relating to the Earth. He told me he recently got together with his best friend and his roommate to watch Al Gore’s Oscar-nominated film on climate change, An Inconvenient Truth. He was deeply dismayed by their reaction. Their reaction: maps on the wall with five possible scenarios of impending doom and conversations of how they better get ready for the Earth changes and other assorted catastrophes they are expecting.

I don’t think that is what Al Gore and his producers had in mind when they made the

film. I think they are suggesting we can do something about it. The producers speak about it in the physical sense of reducing green house gases and finding new and renewable energy sources and certainly we can do that. We can also do something about

it at the level of creation! Either we are creating our reality or we’re not. My friend told his buddies to just start loving the Earth. Can that make a difference? Modern scientific evidence points toward “yes.”

Results of experiments measuring the effects of collective consciousness have proven to be statistically significant. In one such study psi researcher and author of Entangled Minds, Dean Radin and colleagues reported they were able to register the effects of high

emotions from groups of people focused on the same theater performance.