Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 25

effects of high emotions from groups of people focused on the same theater performance. Physicist John Hagelin relates on experiments done with advanced Transcendental Meditation practitioners and the effect of group consciousness on reducing violence in specific regions.

What if …

What if the entire phenomenal world (that which we perceive with our ordinary five

senses) is truly an out-picturing of our collective consciousness of whatever predominates in our shared One Mind? What if you and I really do have an effect on nature’s patterns?

The inherent flaw with “predictions” about the earth or anything else is that the nature of reality is not fixed; reality is malleable and changeable. Sure if something is on a one way track and nothing is done to intervene, the predictive ability looks like a slam-dunk.

However, we are co-creators of reality – remember?

This is such good news! If reality were absolute then there would be nothing we could do about it. By the grace of divine spirit we do have the ability to lift ourselves higher, to create with conscious awareness, to use our gifts with the highest vision for ourselves and all beings including the planet herself.

The Next Octave is Living the Wisdom In The Bhagavad Gita, the literary treasure of ancient Indian sacred philosophy read for thousands of years, the divine charioteer Lord Krishna speaks to his disciple Prince Arjuna about the two distinctions of wisdom, in Sanskrit, jnana and vijnana. The simplest

way I glean this: jnana is having awareness and knowledge of the deeper underlying

eternal wisdom, and vijnana is actually living the wisdom in daily life.

We who are dedicated to conscious living can get seduced by our knowledge of the principles. However, true mastery is actually living the principles, in action, in the moment. Perhaps if we delve a bit deeper into what it means to “create our reality” we can become more masterful with living the wisdom.

Mystical Physics

We are the Observers in our Observer-created world.

Quantum science is truly mystical. It doesn’t fit the laws of ordinary logic. It’s not “reasonable.” It is based in the fundamental unity and interconnectedness of all and our

divine connection to it. It acknowledges mind-to-mind and mind-to-matter influences. Okay, maybe not all the quantum physicists are walking around calling their science “divine” or “mystical” but you might be surprised and delighted at how many of them are.