Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 36

computers, cell/portable phones, and other electrical devices. Various frequencies are beneficial and some are very detrimental.

Learn about the beneficial frequencies of essential oils, music, sound, light, and architecture. Once you have answered and researched all these questions, make the necessary changes for a healthier environment. Clear the clutter and create a beautiful, clean, and peaceful environment that is in harmony with the Laws of Nature. Create gardens for beauty and organic food. If you have a yard, grow fruit trees. Herbs, greens, and flowers can easily be grown in small pots on a veranda or patio. Nature is very healing. It also provides an affordable way to beautify your home and improve your health.


Is the environment in your work place healthy; or is profit the only interest?

Take a good look at where you work and the kind of work you do. Check the air quality, building biology, chemical exposure, EMFs, and lighting. These factors have a big impact on your health and wellbeing. Home and smaller offices are easier to improve. Just changing the type of lighting in your office can preserve your eyesight and reduce your stress level significantly.

Does your business or the work you do exploit or harm others; or does it contribute to their wellbeing?

Do you produce, sell, or buy products that pollute the environment or cause ill health?

Working for yourself will enable you to have more control over your work environment and the impact your work and/or products have on others.

Are you a robot of the system; or are you a leader who thinks about how to create a healthier, more socially just, better world?


Are you a sucker for advertisers and corporate greed; or do you support products that are: Conducive to good health, environmentally friendly, & nourishing to the senses?

Are you kind, considerate, and respectful of others?

Stop and think about what you spend your money on, where you shop, the kind of people or business behind the products you buy; and how to make good use of your economic power. Supporting local small, ethical businesses and organic agriculture, helps to maintain high standards, free enterprise, and real competition over the long-term. Don’t be duped by large, unethical corporations that initially attract consumers with bargain prices so that they can put their smaller competitors out of business. As we all have seen, when these corporate raiders become monopolies or duopolies, consumers end up with less or no options and higher prices. A few good examples are phone/TV/cable service providers, airlines, utility providers, chain super markets, etc. Be it public or government controlled, monopolies and duopolies are bad for consumers. Prevention is a much better approach than trying to remedy a problem after it occurs. Thus, when people unite and use their economic power to boycott a bad corporate monster, it has a powerful effect, which can force a business to change its wicked ways or close down. Every little thing makes a big difference. Imagine how quickly the pharmaceutical industry would improve their ethics and be held accountable, or closed down, if everyone stopped buying/taking drugs! Imagine how much more peaceful and uplifted the world would be if citizens demanded accountability from elected leaders/Reps/MP/Senators for their out-of-control spending; an end to bogus foreign aid and foreign military bases; and an end to WMD contracts under the guise of security! There would be far less financial stress on everyone, lower taxes, much better/healthier infrastructure, educational opportunities, real health care, and social security (pensions) for seniors. Having a social conscious is not a bad thing and doesn’t mean you have to give up life’s comforts or liberties. In fact, it would be quite the opposite. For all the unhealthy habits/products you give up, you would find many more healthier delights. And, freedom and liberty would prevail.

Only enough people raise their consciousness and makes the necessary changes on a personal, inner level, will we improve humanity’s environmental health on an outer level. This would also benefit our children, relationships, living conditions, human dignity, and future generations. As with anything in Nature, it will take time and requires effort and commitment; but the outcome would be immensely rewarding!

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