Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 35


Are you living and eating consciously; or by a programmed habit?

Take a good look at how well you nourish yourself and your children physically, emotionally, and mentally. Does what you eat, drink, and feed your family nourish and promote healthy growth and development; or break everyone down? What kind of water are you drinking? Is it pure, well structured, and truly hydrating; or is it full of chemicals and medications? Since the human body is 70-80% water, if you do nothings else, ensure that you and your children always have pure, well structured water that is free of all chemicals (fluoride, medications, etc.), and impurities.

What are your addictions?

Instead of eating to satisfy your additions, get smart! Consume wholesome, real food that nourishes your body and mind. Select nourishing, unadulterated foods that are beneficial for your blood type and genetics. Remember that the gut (microbiota) is the body’s second brain. AVOID processed junk foods that contain refined sugar/carbs; damaged fats and oils; MSG and other addictive flavor enhancers; cryolite, glyphosate, atrazine and other herbicides, pesticides, and agriculture chemicals found in non organic foods; BPA, PCBs and other cancer causing, endocrine disruptors found in plastics and some foods; GMOs; carbonated drinks; caffeine and other stimulating drugs; and food/drinks/water contaminated with fluoride (a thyroid suppressor and neurotoxin). Read the small ingredients section of everything you buy. AVOID or keep alcohol to a minimum. It is an addictive, refined carb that robs nutrients and rapidly ages the body. It is also a depressant drug. Go organic and even then, be vigilant. For a good guide go to:


Are you taking any recreational drugs or medications?

If so, work with a good health-conscious practitioner to address the causes of your ailments, replace the deficiencies, and correct imbalances so that you can wean off the drugs. Be it legal or illegal, ALL drugs have side effects. Plus, these drugs are getting into our water supplies, which present dangerous consequences for everyone.


Is the Feng Shui, Sthapatya Veda, or Vaastu Shastra of your home/work environment harmonious? (For information on this see the links below)

Is the air in your home/office/school clean, well circulated, and enriched with negative (beneficial) ions?

Are you or your children inhaling toxic fumes from plastic toys, furniture, or synthetic materials (e.g. building materials, curtains, carpet, new cars, etc.)?

What kind of lighting are you exposed to? Is it full spectrum or distorted light waves?

What kind of architecture and designs are you surrounded with?

Do you live near a telephone tower, electrical relay, or broadcast transmitter?

What kind of EMFs (electrical magnetic frequencies) are you and your children exposed to in your home, school, or office?

If you are using wifi, go back to wires, or at least turn it off when not in use and every night. No excuses justify the risks involved. Make sure your bedroom is free of EMFs, especially the area around your bed.

What colors have you chosen for your interior decor and clothes?

Every color gives off a different vibration that can affect your mood, health, and sense of wellbeing.

Do you use healthy essential oils; or harmful synthetic perfumes?

What kind of music do you listen to?

Everything produces frequencies, including music, sound, light, colors, design, architecture, building materials, TVs, computers, cell/portable phones, and other electrical devices. Various frequencies are beneficial and some are very detrimental.

Learn about the beneficial frequencies of essential oils, music, sound, light, and architecture. Once you have answered and researched all these questions, make the necessary changes for a healthier environment. Clear the clutter and create a beautiful, clean, and peaceful environment that is in harmony with the Laws of Nature. Create gardens for beauty and organic food. If you have a yard, grow fruit trees. Herbs, greens, and flowers can easily be grown in small pots on a veranda or patio. Nature is very healing. It also provides an affordable way to beautify your home and improve your health.