Masters of Health Magazine March 2023 | Page 94

Are we more than a physical self?  Are we connected to a maker or are we only alone? 

Do we individually, or does a creator, shape our destiny?    Who is in charge?  It may be that we are self-sustained through layers of sophisticated mathematical matrixes!

We have come to believe that the brain is our central processing unit (CPU).  Like a computer, the brain uses units of information created via a communication network that serves to monitor and direct our activities.  Like the human brain, a computer’s CPU employs command-units to respond and complete tasks requested by the user.  Unlike a computer though, humans do not absolutely know or understand where or how the brain’s commands originate or expire.

Studies conducted by a myriad of researchers have concluded that the brain has layers of complexities mathematically measured as cycles per second of frequency, associated with its operation, as does the heart, muscles, emotions, nervous system… these layers are measurable and can be used to identify and used to rescind stress and disorders of the body.

There has been much to do about DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid), thought to be our primary genetic instructions, being mathematically emulated and played as music.  What if there were subsonic layers/octaves that could be used to control the replication of DNA?  Actually, this shows that we may have created music in our own image.

It can be shown that established combinations of octaves and musical notes can manipulate our emotions and mood, make muscles weak/strong. block out pain, regrow tissue…  Are we more than physical layers of corporeal being?  Do we physically respond to music because it is math based?

What if it could be shown that living organisms were designed, developed and managed through multiple layers of frequency-based vibration expressed as math even though those layers are not visible or measurable?  Consider the non-corporeal acupuncture meridian system of the body, the non-vessel Glymph system, interstitial maps of magnetic potential and the system by which placebo influences take place.  What if there are mathematical layers of vibration that monitor spirit, sleep, imagination, creativity, and non-verbal communications?

Studies by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health are beginning to show that octaves of frequencies below normal human hearing levels may be responsible for reactions to medications, circadian rhythms, insulin responses, emotional forgiveness release and uncharted spiritual connections.

Using infrasound protocols of frequency combinations, results have been achieved that support the notion that layers of subsonic sounds may direct intangible human behaviors. 

We are considering the realms of the etheric here, something that has been illusive, yet intriguing, to modern humans.

First, we must conceive of and then find a way reach and effectively manage these not so physical layers of reality.

This leads us to the idea that we respond to information layers of math via vibration, thought, light, color, emotion, genetics, wellness, balance…  The thought follows that if we are out of balance with these layers, disease is the result.

Think about the esoteric concept of white light  - mathematically the midpoint between each octave of color.  Esoterically it represents bliss, purity and the rejoining with our holy spirit.  Biochemically it represents ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) – the cellular energy of life.  What is every mathematical layer of ATP could be provided to support infinite energy levels?  Would subsonic control of energy be useful?  Could this open the door to nefarious behavioral control?  On the other side of the coin, could it also help explain mental illness? 

Using predictable Math principals to map the body offers answers yet to occur to conventional medicine.