Masters of Health Magazine March 2023 | Page 93

Sound Health KeyNotes


March 2023

By Sharry Edwards, M.Ed.

Almost Everything is Something Else

Do Octaves of infrasound govern our existence?

Frequency as the origin of our existence

By Sharry Edwards M. Ed

This column strives to bring you the latest in innovative ideas from the emerging field of human BioAcoustics in support of SELF-HEALTH.

Astrology association from this month:  Pisces

Color association:  Violet/Red (Burgundy)

Bringing you information concerning frequency influences of your world

Frequency is a measurement by which we evaluate and interpret our world.  Frequency can be observed via a myriad of realities including brain waves, nerve impulses, biochemistry, color, light and sound…

Humans use frequency to understand and explain our bodies, our environment, our very existence but there have been no frequency-based answers for: Who are we? What are we?  Where did we come from?