Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 28

Even very small amounts of glyphosate injected could equal the same impact as high levels through dermal exposure or inhalation.

Moms Across America and Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN ) organizations have both asked the FDA and CDC to test for glyphosate in vaccines and ensure safety. Our concern is that not only is glyphosate impacting the gut as shown in this study, but that it is breaking down the blood brain barrier and allowing toxins such as aluminum (also in vaccines at high levels) into the brain, contributing to autism and Alzheimer’s. These regulatory agencies irresponsibly responded with a refusal to take the test results seriously and have not addressed this issue.

In addition, Moms Across America and ICAN asked for evidence from the FDA of safety studies conducted showing the flu shot is safe for pregnant women. Their response was that they did not have any such studies available.

Considering this new autism study and evidence of glyphosate in vaccines, the questions are:

• Will the FDA now take the safety of vaccines seriously?

• Will the FDA and vaccine manufacturers test the COVID 19 vaccine for glyphosate contamination?

• Will the FDA, ACIP, and CDC require or promote this vaccine to vulnerable people, including pregnant women, which would risk increasing the rates of autism?

We call upon vaccine manufacturers, vaccine safety regulators - the FDA and CDC, and public health departments to seriously address the safety of vaccines now.

What will be required is for vaccine manufacturers to avoid ingredients that are derived from GMOs, including ingredients of animals fed GMO/glyphosate sprayed grains, and ingredients that are sprayed with glyphosate as a drying agent.

These ingredients will likely be difficult to source, and requests will need to be made of the agriculture industry to change their practices. Plus, it would be essential for the farmers to not substitute glyphosate for glufosinate or dicamba (now banned) , etc...and simply replace one toxin with another.

Farmers may insist that they cannot grow crops without these toxic chemicals but that is simply not true. For thousands of years, many farmers have shown their ingenuity by farming without toxins. The BIODYNAMIC and growing regenerative organic food industry is proof that it can be done.

Vaccines contaminated with toxins and glyphosate are one of the major reasons why an increasing number of parents are vaccine hesitant today. This issue must be addressed.