Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 27

Glyphosate has even been detected in childhood vaccines including the flu shot given to pregnant women.

This contamination is unacceptable; and if we continue exposing pregnant women and children to glyphosate, the predictable future of our country is unsustainable. In fact, this is now an urgent situation.

The development of the CoVID vaccine is being rushed at such a fast pace, whereby normal safety protocols are being put aside. This means that contamination and long-term safety testing could be overlooked.

No COVID, or any vaccine for that matter, should be administered to anyone, especially pregnant women, children, or vulnerable infants, without screening for glyphosate and contamination of other toxins.

How is glyphosate getting into vaccines?

Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world. In addition to being used in landscaping in our community parks and streets, it is sprayed directly on GMO food crops and on non-organic food crops as a drying agent. It does not wash, dry or cook off and is absorbed. Animals such as pigs, chickens, and cows that eat glyphosate sprayed grains have been shown to have glyphosate in their tendons and bone marrow. Pigs tendons are made into gelation, which is a stabilizing agent in vaccines. Bovine (cow) serum and chicken/egg cells are also used in vaccines. Other GMO ingredients in vaccines, such as soy or corn, and ingredients derived from glyphosate sprayed crops, such as sugar (fructose) could also be the sources for contamination. Scientists suspect the contamination is happening through these pathways.

Glyphosate has been detected in thousands of food samples such as wheat, beans, eggs, dairy, tap water, wine, beer, feminine sanitary products, and even vaccines, including the flu shot given to pregnant women. There are no studies that we know of to show the impact of glyphosate, even at very small amounts, injected directly into the bloodstream of a pregnant woman. Even very small amounts of glyphosate injected could equal the same impact as high levels through dermal exposure or inhalation.