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The digitalization of humanity eliminates this vital connection. 

First and foremost, humans are our most valuable resource because of their humane attributes.  To deny humanity is to rob the world of its most valuable asset and higher consciousness.  It defies all logic and is the height of stupidity.  Yet, some world leaders and groups (e.g., WEF) and their narrow-minded advisors are determined to turn humans into microchipped subhumans, controlled by their AI apps and void of their humanity.


The core of this problem is when anyone person, group, corporation, or government has total control of humanity, our freedom, and our environment.

For quite some time, those behind the agenda to digitalize humanity have positioned themselves in powerful positions while most people were struggling with the necessities of life.  Fear and false claims, via the media, for wanting to protect us and public health or advancement of technology are constantly reverberated.


For many, these challenges have been overwhelming.


Thus, to make it easy for those who do not have the ability, resources, or time to harness all the science, I have established three criteria:


To determine if something is safe, ask the following three Questions:


1.        Is it conducive to good health?

2.        Is it environmentally friendly

3.        Is it in a free-market?          


If it is not in a free-market, AVOID it like the plague as it would be AI (artificial intelligence), individually, group, corporate, or government controlled.  Humanity would never survive controlled by the above using AI, apps, or chips. 


Thus, we need to value and protect humanity.  Working with nature instead of against it has immense benefits.  Nature is the most powerful energy of all.  It has evolved over millions of years to its current state of perfection.  For anyone to think they know more or can do better than nature reveals the extent of their ignorance, stupidity, or evil.  Nature always wins in the end, even if a lot of destruction occurs during the battle.


History has shown that when people in positions of power go against nature, a destructive crisis occurs to force everyone and everything back into balance.  The bigger the imbalance, the more damaging the crisis.  But, as the Chinese symbol teaches: Crisis = Opportunity! 


Hence, this is an opportunity to work with Nature and the GEP to protect Humanity from being digitalized.


Thank you!

Q for the Minister of Environment: 

It is often claimed that digitalization has enormous potential to advance environmental protection and enable resource-saving business practices, for example, through digital process optimization.


But, digitalization itself is a high-energy consumer contributing to climate change through massive power consumption and environmentally harmful mining for rare resources, such as lithium and other rare earth metals crucial for smartphones, LEDs, hybrids, electric motors, wind-turbine magnets, and other devices.


How can we utilize the opportunities provided by digitalization in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable and harmonious way?"


Namaste Dr. Vyass & Susanne,

This is a good question but also a difficult one to answer briefly because very complex issues are involved.


Digitalization has enormous potential in many areas, including the examples you gave for environmental protection.  That is why it has so rapidly invaded every area of our lives.  Trying to manage without some of our electronic devices would be very difficult now.


However, in addition to massive power consumption and harmful environmental mining conditions, it has some deadly flaws.  Thus, we need to be AWARE with Total Consciousness.


The biggest problems are: who controls the technology, how they use it, what we are being told and not told about it, and the lack of understanding of the I-Theory or Total Consciousness. 


Decentralizing control of technology helps to protect freedom, raise consciousness, eliminate problems, improve potential hazards, and maintain high standards.  This is not always easy when big corporations gobble up all the small businesses.  So, whenever possible, support small, local businesses. 


Most digitalized technology is recent.  Thus, long-term safety or its effects are unknown.  Also, industries keep their negative findings secret and muzzle their employees with non-disclosure agreements. Nor, do they tell the truth about the pros and cons of their products. 

They will say anything or instill fear to convince you to support what they are doing or buy what they are selling.  They also have a lot of resources and media support because of their advertising.


Plus, these powerful industries strongly influence government decision-makers with the PAC (political action committee) contributions they make to politicians and political parties.  Also, they have their agents embedded in government regulatory agencies who will make decisions in their favor. 


To tackle these problems, we also need to address the individual causes.


1. Boycotting their products may mean short-term sacrifices, but this provides leverage for a safer, better outcome.  Corporations are only wealthy and powerful because we buy their products or our taxes fund their projects.  Imagine the shift in power if everyone stopped using drugs!


2. We all need to pressure our Representatives to legally end the flood of financial influence (PAC $) pouring into corporate coffers.  Also, demand that Congress or Parliament STOP the revolving door between industry and government regulatory agencies.  The industry-government-industry revolving door is corruption at its worst.

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Lady Carla Davis, MPH