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Global Energy Parliament (GEP) 2022

On December 9th and 10th, it was an honor to participate in the Global Energy Parliament 2022 as Minister for Environment.  The theme this year was Maintaining Humanity in the Digitalized FutureBelow are two of my presentations.



•    His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Isa

•    His Excellency Dr. C. V. Ananda Bose, Honorable Governor of West Bengal

•    Secretary Dr. M.R. Thampan

•    Honorable Dignitaries & Ministers

•    My GEP family members, Rohini, and all other guests in attendance


CONGRATULATIONS to His Excellency Dr. Bose in his new position as Honorable Governor of West Bengal.  The Prime Minister and the people of Bengal are fortunate to have such an intelligent and highly skilled person of integrity in this position.


This 12th annual session of the Global Energy Parliament (GEP) brings to light one of the most critical issues facing humanity - The digitalization of humanity - well outlined in the GEP Schedule and by all the GEP presenters.


For over a decade, His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Isa has led by example, teaching humans how to create a better, healthier, more peaceful world.  In the Isa Viswa Vidyalayam school he founded in 1998, he developed Education for Total Consciousness (ETC), as a solution to many current problems inflicting humanity.

ETC demonstrates to learners that the individual is a microcosm of the universe and that their thoughts and actions have an equal effect on the world as the world has on them.

In ETC, students link the topic to themselves.  This is called integrated objective and subjective learning.  The ‘object’ is anything in the outer world; the ‘subject’ is anything in the inner world, such as their body, emotions, intellect, ego, and consciousness.  The inner and outer environments are inseparable.

by Lady Carla Davis, MPH

Specializing in Nutrition

GEP Minister for Environment

Swami Isa (right) and Ananda Bose's (left) Inauguaral Address GEP 2022