Masters of Health Magazine January 2023 | Page 38

age by doing mental exercises. Spending time to be healthy is more important than spending time to treat diseases, time in the hospital, taking drugs all year long, or eating junk foods.


My patients, now between 78 and 86 years old, who followed my protocol and food advice for the past 30-40 years, now enjoy a good life quality and brain function.


I recall one lady that came to see me when she was 58 years old and unhealthy.  Now, after 20 years, she is in good physical and mental condition, while her sister, who did not follow this protocol, has AD.  Remember, it is up to you to take control of your health.

What you do today will be reflected in the future with disease or premature aging and poor health.


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Figure - Pyramid of the Okinawa food diet.