Masters of Health Magazine February 2021 | Page 104

Like building the immune system, healing the mind, or changing the water phase of the body, which is what this is all about.

Wait... what?

Yes. I know that sounds crazy.

If you aren’t familiar with some of the studies on the 4th phase of water, you may still be thinking as I was only a few months ago that water is either a gas, solid, or liquid.

Well, it turns out that it actually has been found to have a 4th phase H3O2 (in which the 13 percent of the electrons of the molecule of water gravitate on the outside, creating a protective field around the cell).

Check out the research of Dr. Pollack if you would like to find out more about coherent water.

Qi Blanco’s technology assists the body’s water to go into the 4th phase and since the body is mostly water... the implications are measurable and palpable.

This 4th phase (also known as coherent water) also seems to be the spiritual state and that’s probably why so many of the QiOne ® users (including myself) are reporting enhanced meditative states and spiritual shifts.

To be clear again... wearing a QiOne ® will not cut the radiations off but make your body way more resilient to their side effects.

After wearing this device around my neck for a few weeks, I decided to interview the dynamic duo behind this German invention.

Christian, its inventor, along with his wife Anna who acts as the oracle and muse of the company, are a visionary couple.

The duo behind the QiOne ® are both highly sensitive, clairvoyant, and deeply committed to their role in assisting the evolution of mankind.

Anna has had visions that this company will one day be as well known as Apple. In her predictions, owning a QiOne ® will become a normal thing, and I hear she is always spot on!

Christian, who admits to remembering nearly 100 of his past lives in detail also has a deep meditation practice. Through it, he has been able to reconnect to some ancient knowledge which has served him in developing this quantum product.

With his engineering background and German matter of fact no-nonsense attitude, he is able to take on the most skeptic minds and explain to them how this works in convincing ways (which you can check out on their website).

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