Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 62

To protect individuals that burn easily, cosmetic companies invented a lotion that contain chemicals to block the UVB and allow UVA to be absorbed into the skin. This prevented the burn but inadvertently removed the natural process of vitamin D/hormone production in the skin.  


The gel of the aloe leaf was found to be especially good for treating sunburns. Prized by the Egyptians as a medicine, this desert plant flourishes in the sun’s ultraviolet B rays, which are absorbed and stored the same way olive oil stores ozone.


Cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies team up to warn the population of potential damage from overexposures. The talking points were - take your vitamin D supplements and spend your summers safely in the sun using suntan lotion. Because of over exposures, only dermatologists should be allowed to use ultraviolet light. Ban the use of Tesla’s Violet Ray as a medical device. Blame respiratory disease on the ozone contained in smog. Reinforce the fact that UV light damages DNA and fail to mention that in this process - it also treats disease.


The world becomes vitamin D deficient


While corporate profits were soaring, the health of the population gradually deteriorated. Epidemiologists rediscovered that disease increased proportionally the further you lived from the equator. Tesla chose Colorado Springs for his experiments in electricity because of the high altitude and abundance of UVB in the atmosphere. Currently, the healthiest US city is Boulder Colorado.


The flu season typically runs from October to as late as May. If you live in Canada, this time period happens to coincide when the sun’s rays are absent of UVB because it is low in the horizon and the atmosphere filters it out.  Even in the summer, the vital UVB rays mostly reach the earth between 11AM and 2PM in a clear sky and this is the time we are told to avoid the sun!


In winter, hospitals are filled with drug resistant contagious viruses and research shows that half of the medical professionals are suffering a serious case of burnout.

The Revival of Ultraviolet Light


Governments all over the world realize that they have inherited a problem that grew out of corporate greed, but signals are being made that we are about to usher back the use of ultraviolet light in a safer way.


Most people know the name of Tesla because Elon Musk manufactures the Tesla car. He recently sent a message to the world by donating half a million dollars to the public schools in Flint Michigan so they could apply ultraviolet light to their water.


The biblical phrase “Let there be light” seems to be the new mantra for Health Canada. Just like cannabis, you no longer need a prescription to purchase medical UVB lights.

Canadian Universities teach courses on UVB grow lights to increase the psychoactive THC content and ozonized water causes cannabis to grow healthier.


Dr. Tatiana Koutchma is a Russian born highly published world-renowned expert in ultraviolet light. She was recruited by Agri-Food Canada to develop standards for the Canadian government in the processing of “novel foods.”

Instead of heat pasteurization that destroys the nutrients in milk, fruit and vegetable juice, UVC light kills harmful bacteria, actually improves the nutrients and extends the shelf life. Fresh produce such as lettuce is sterilized to prevent the growth of bacteria such as e-coli. Milk and mushrooms (especially medicinal mushrooms) directly exposed to UVB during packaging explode with vitamin D.  Lucky for Canadians, all of the “novel food” products that are organically grown keep their organic classification.