Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 61

The University of Wisconsin now held the heavily contested patent and charged hefty fees and on-going royalties to food producers such as Quaker Oaks for the method to “irradiate” their products with UV light. Here is where the certification “Fortified with Vitamin D” came into legal effect.


It is important to mention that when skin is exposed to UVB/C light, a type of steroid hormone is created. It’s not a vitamin at all. Doctors thought the healing powers acted like a vitamin such as vitamin C found in orange juice and they just chose the next letter of the alphabet – D.


While the food companies were promoting “Fortified with Vitamin D” to entice you to buy their product, the pharmaceutical industry felt they could make pills out of the same UV process.  They grew ergot mold, exposed it to UVC light and that became vitamin D2 for vegetarians.

Sheepskin oils resemble the steroid hormone properties in human skin, and when boiled into lanolin and exposed to UV light, it creates Vitamin D3.

Few people recognize that while taking vitamin D supplements will create healthy bones, direct UVB exposures to our skin manufactures special hormones, which regulate our endocrine and immune system. A very different process takes place, especially with our moods. UVB light lifts the winter blues.


During the Second World War, the University of Wisconsin was then tasked to create a super antibiotic pill capable of treating the military. Since the times of the Romans, blue cheese was considered to be a food for life extension.

Most prized was from penicillium mold introduced to raw sheep milk and then grown in caves at Roquefort France. When scientists exposed penicillium spores to UVC light through a quartz crystal window, the DNA of the spore was altered to create the super strain of powerful penicillin.

A whole new realm of patented pharmaceutical medicines came to market that used UV light to activate their drug.

Cosmetic Companies add UV Filters


Short exposures to natural and artificial UVB light will cause erythema – a reddening of the skin. The skin is not burned; it’s your blood rising to the surface to collect the UVB skin activated steroid hormone to circulate through the body. Healthy skin should be pink but not painful to the touch.

That’s called sunburn - the main point of contention that has created a vitamin D deficiency in the population.  The “vital” frequency that provides a healing field can harm too. Like drugs, it’s all about prescribing the correct dose.

This is where skin types come into play.

Harry Steenbock shines ultraviolet light onto milk to add vitamin D. He eventually patents Vitamin D food fortification.