Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 58

The Vital Light of Nikola Tesla


By Robert W Connolly

The use of ultraviolet (UV) light is often accompanied with warnings of danger to your health and especially when exposed to your eyes. Most dermatologists suggest that you avoid suntan salons, use sunblock and stay out of the mid day sun when the UV index is high because it has the potential to contribute to skin cancer.  We have been taught to approach ultraviolet light with caution.  


What would you think if healthcare authorities started to promote ultraviolet light as a cancer cure and regular exposures are vital to our survival? The fact is that’s old news. The following highlights my ten-year journey to produce a documentary film about the lost healing machines from Nikola Tesla. This article is about his violet ray.


Our story begins in Egypt. The hieroglyph for royalty is the honeybee. King Akhenaten, the heretic pharaoh declares that there is now one god, the winged “Aten” sun disc. Carvings in stone depict his royal family exposing their semi nude bodies and most importantly: their food and beverage to the sun. Descending rays hold a symbol of the key to life directly in their eyes. After his death, his teachings are supressed but carried forth by ancient secret societies that remain today.


In England, to study the motion of the sun, the Druids create Stonehenge. In 1890, a missionary named Theobald Palm declared that burning coal caused children to suffer from rickets: a disease of the bones. Specific healing fields of solar light were being filtered out by the air pollution.

In North America, a new immigrant from Greater Austria arrives in New York, the young brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla is determined to alter the course of history. His mission: to create clean hydroelectric generators he envisioned while sun gazing.


These visions eventually do manifest and they include ultraviolet light activated by Tesla coils in his “high frequency apparatus,” a device capable of producing bolts of lightning. His laboratory illuminates with wireless mercury vapour bulbs made of glass and quartz crystal. He takes daily air baths in a cold corona discharge of blue sparks that emanate from his skin, which he uses to kill all harmful germs and viruses. Quartz “violet ray” applicators are inserted into miniature hand held Tesla coils and sold to the general public to apply UV light in the form of ozone directly on and inside the body.


With the AC electrical power distribution system to his credit, in 1906 he forms the Tesla Ozone Company and patents a machine with a fan that forces air through arcing Tesla coils of ultraviolet light. The oxygen is now activated and used as an antiseptic to kill germs in the air and water.  When filtered though olive oil, it can be inhaled to treat lung disease. The exposed olive oil is now activated with medicinal powers and sold to doctors to treat disease of the skin.