Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 115

Nothing is hidden from your own voice.  You may be able to lie to your friends and deceive yourself with your words, but the voice does not lie. Vocal Profiling computer software has been built that can evaluate the frequencies, architectures, and harmonics of your voice.  Vast frequency-based databanks can now be used to create a report of what you really think, who you are emotionally and the status of your health.  The frequencies missing from your voice are just as important as those that are present.  An entire matrix of information, from your DNA to your partner preferences can be evaluated.


Using this modality, your voice can be used to reveal who you really are under the layer of public personality you have created.  This is an opportunity of the human race to break free of all of the deceit and deception that we live with on a daily basis.


What would our world be like? Our legal system would be unneeded if your true voice could be so easily read:  Unsound relationships would crumble, businesses would fall because for the most part, our world is built on what we can keep hidden from those who think they know us.


Vocal Profiling has the ability to let us know the intentions of our leaders, the motivations of our partners, the pathway to our sense of self.  Would that be of value or an avenue toward destruction?


What would a world be like if everyone only spoke the TRUTH? Can you image a society where we are all known by our frequency signatures that people could read through a voice that truly represented who we are?  Could finding our true voice allow us to create a world full of grace and dignity?  


BioAcoustically Speaking we loudly proclaim that truth should be valued as a virtue.   Should it have taken a computer program for us to discover our internal truth and clarity?


 Find your Secret Self using this download of nanoVoice ™ a program especially created to initiate the possibility that we can all experience a nano-glimpse into what is and who wetruly are. nanoVoice  is available from the link below.

Nano software

Nano install instructions

 Nano Class - watvh video below