Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 114

The recent popularity of the da Vinci code sparked interest in the possibility that a great deal of knowledge has been kept hidden from the general population.  Is the idea that we have dominion over our lives through our thoughts and intentions an intrinsic fact of human spirit?  Can we in truth chant the words and create our Reality?


The obvious success of the tide-turning movie, The Secret, showed that people are ready to accept the fact that we can think or say something and have it manifest.  Have we sufficiently matured enough to receive the bounty of consciousness produced reality with wisdom? Do people really know what they want, deep down, devoid of old parental “tapes”, advertising, peer pressure, the “oughts” and “shoulds” that we are subjected to daily? 


 If we want to manifest our neighbor’s car or wife for ourselves is this a lack of respect or our basic right of conscious intention?  If we accept the reality that we all fit, perfectly into the perfectly conceived, perfectly interlocking puzzle of life, then how can we allow any two people to want the exact same item?  Someone would do without and therein resides a basic problem.  If we both pray for the same thing, who gets the prize? So how can someone “program” their lives with the voice of prayer and mantra without bumping into the needs and rights of others?


Many spiritual leaders, though-out the ages, have claimed that we have the power to be who we want to be, to have what we want.   Could it be that the world is designed perfectly and if we really knew the ideal life to manifest, then everything would be in harmony.  But how can we ever know what will perfectly balance our lives? How can we know what we really want underneath the layers of greed and need? We can find our true voice and identify the true voice of others.

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