Masters of Health Magazine September 2022 | Page 97

A few months later, Prabu sent me a picture of a larger piece of land that had a house on it and asked if we might be able to sell the first piece of land and help purchase the house and land for better living space than the current bamboo structure they were using. We all put together the USD 10,000 needed to purchase the house and land and told him to use the sale of the first piece of land to do the needed improvements on the house.

Today, the orphan family keeps growing in a nice home environment, and the whole village is becoming more involved in the care of these orphans. The village headmaster even participated in the ribbon cutting and opening ceremonies when the home was completed.

The importance of reaching out to those around us cannot be overstated and creates a healthy spirit. I believe we are each placed on this planet to accomplish amazing acts of kindness – “random acts of kindness” – as has been termed by other authors.

As we reach out, we broaden our focus and see our interconnectedness to each of our fellow travelers we enrich our spirit. As we fulfill our destinies, our spirits soar, and we begin to reach a place of health that we could never achieve on our own.

There is a plan for a future

with a healthy spirit!