Masters of Health Magazine September 2022 | Page 106

Two muscles of the lower back and hips come into stress over the next few days: the Quadratus Lumborum (lower spine diagonal to hip crest) and Psoas (which help stabilize the hips).

Toxin   - Mercury that is in your mouth and in the vaccinations that are given your child are active until Wednesday.  It is injected into our children, but it must be handled as a toxin by your dentist when removes any mercury from your teeth.

Vitamin in Stress - Vitamin K4 from green leafy vegetables is active and is involved with blood clotting proteins.

Bacteria in stress - Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium, is commonly found in human respiratory tract especially after a hospital stay.  It is responsible for skin infections, food poisoning, pneumonia, meningitis, osteomyelitis, endocarditis, toxic shock syndrome and serious skin issues such as – impetigo, boils, cellulitis, MRSA, wound and respiratory infections.  Each year 500,000 people contract a staphylococcal infection in American hospitals.   Chlamydia Pneumonia is a bacterium that infects humans and is a major cause of pneumonia and sinusitis.  Staphylococcus is known to inactivate antibodies.

Week 2, Sept 2022

Biochemical and muscle supporting energy comes into full stress this week.  That back ache is likely from weak stomach muscles. The Krebs (Energy Cycle) of the cells is coming into stress from several angles. Your local health food store will likely have supplements that support the Krebs cycle – starting with Potassium and magnesium. So, blood clotting to fatigue this week will plague the population.  Bioflavonoids and pyruvate may be helpful.


Muscles influenced this week:  For the week mostly back and shoulder muscles are in stress.  Interspinales, Semispinalis Thoracis, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus. Rectus Abdominus:  The rectus abdominis muscle performs the important task of flexing the torso and spine in the abdominal region. It does this by pulling the ribcage closer to the pelvis. The rectus abdominis can also tense to contract the abdomen without moving the torso, as in sucking in one’s gut.


Biochemicals/Nutrients in stress this month:

Potassium Phosphate Cell Salt: We have not seen cell salts in a while. Not often talked about in general, or even alternative media, they are really amazing. Little tiny pills work from the cellular level to support your body, in its efforts to self-maintain and self-heal, in so many different ways. This particular cell salt works particularly in the nerves and muscles of the body, helping the body to address such things as nervousness, such as so-called "nervous heart trouble", melancholy, and sleep discomfort, as well as learning disorders.  Source: “No. 5. (6) Potassium phosphate - Kali Phos”

Arginine: This is an amino acid that has been found to have a powerful impact on several body systems and is used in certain medications (Ibuprofin) and in the following medical treatments: 

- Congestive heart failure;

- Chest pain;

- High blood pressure;

-Coronary artery disease; -Intermittent claudication (leg pain due to blocked arteries);

- Chemotherapy; and

- Fighting weight loss in AIDS patients;

- Reducing infections;

- improving would healing;

- Shortening recovery time after surgery;

- In the elderly, decreased mental capacity (i.e., senile dementia);

- Erectile Dysfunction; and Male Infertility