Masters of Health Magazine November 2022 | Page 49

During his extensive career in corporate leadership positions, Teodor has been heavily involved in recruiting and training teams and individuals from all over the world. He has personally witnessed the transformational power of effective training and coaching programs. With an amazing passion for teaching, Teodor can turn any ordinary subject into a memorable experience.

With a strong desire to help people, Teodor has chosen to use his work and life experience to create The Ki Train Method, a concept of Anti-Aging that provides unique tools for life. Teodor is using powerful ancient techniques inspired from the internal energy arts.

Teodor is a Black belt in Aikido and a Tai Chi and Ba Gua Lineage Disciple of Grand Master Huang Xin (President of Kung Fu Association of Yunnan province, China)

Published two books: “The Ki Train Method” and “Tai Chi – The Path Towards Self-healing”, both available on Amazon.

Teodor inspires us to dream and set life goals without limits, in line with his organization’s motto:

 “Everything you can imagine is real”

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