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While it’s extremely important in the womb, it’s also extremely important once the child is born. The nervous system helps the child to adapt to the environment outside of the womb.

The nervous system is key in bodily function and survival mechanisms such as going to the bathroom or crying to express being hungry or tired. Through the nervous system a child  learns to interact with the world. 


In fact, the nervous system guides almost everything you think, do, feel, or say. It controls processes including movement, thought, and memory. It is the engine behind things you don’t even think about such as breathing, blinking, the regulation of your immune system, and the beating of your heart. 


Command Center


Your nervous system affects every aspect of your health. Among those aspects are your senses and how your brain interprets the information you get from your senses, stress response, digestion, sleep, your healing process, and aging. It is literally the body’s command center. It is what allows you to experience life in the way that you do. 

IT System


Through the process of the nerves receiving electrical signals from your environment and sending signals to the cells, muscles, and glands in your body, you are able to function. Think of it as your own personal ITinformation technologysystem.

We all live our lives through our nervous systems, and we adapt to life via our nervous system until the day we die. The nervous system helps us adapt in the healthiest way possible based on our choices. So it’s important to keep our nervous system healthy through every phase of life. 

 Health and Interference


How do you keep your nervous system healthy? Maintain good posture and a healthy weight. Make sure the alignment of your spine and nervous system are kept in order. That’s where chiropractic care comes in. 


Your nervous system can be obstructed. Common life occurrences can interfere with your nervous system and create blockages in your IT system. This is called subluxation.

You want to keep your spine free of subluxations so every cell in your body can operate at peak efficiency until your last breath. That’s what chiropractic care is all about—taking care of the most important system you have in your body. 


Start Here, Start Now


It is indisputable that a healthy nervous system is essential to a healthy long life. Everyone needs chiropractic.

~ Dr. Eric Plasker


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