Masters of Health Magazine November 2022 | Page 118

I would argue that our "future selves" reside in a higher dimension. You have probably heard that advanced beings "vibrate at a higher frequency" than we do; we just cannot detect them. I believe this is just another way of explaining the presence of higher dimensions and the presence of a vast unseen world with divine beings that we know exist. (My mother and my guardian Angel are no doubt standing right next to me watching my poor writing in action. Sorry Mom.)

Today it is well documented that people skilled at meditation can attain powerful states of mind to access special information. They obtain energy and information from higher dimensions. You can gain energy, hence power and information - answers to your questions, divine insights, and work miracles.

Energy can flow through dimensions - in both directions! One can go to higher dimensions and retrieve information - just as the Ancient Shaman did while in trance states for the tribe. One can also go to other dimensions and leave information.

I have always been very intuitive, and as a result many times I experienced a very disturbing feeling, only later to clairvoyantly see snippets of a past life (presumably going on now in another dimension), which was the root cause of my bad feelings. For example, drown in a previous life? Chances are you will be terrified of water next time around.

There is bleed-through from one dimension to another. It benefits us now to bless ourselves in the past and future - and in other dimensions. It is in the interest of the future, "higher dimensional you" to help with a current problem that you are struggling with in today's 3-D world.

This makes me think that prayer energy creates a porthole to higher realms. When I pray, my energy reaches future "me" and future loved ones who can send back energy to help me. Bless the past and future and all your family and friends (and not-so-friends) with forgiveness and gratitude.

Gathering energy from other dimensions is known as mediumship. What I am talking about could be called "reverse mediumship". You can leave energy in higher dimensions that is beneficial for yourself and others. The implications and potential benefits of this "dimension visiting" are staggering.

As an example of how energy can reach across dimensions, I call on my background in Music and Sound Vibrational Healing: music can transfer energy through resonance and harmony; music can interact with and alter subtle energy. I would argue that these properties of music allow it to contact higher dimensions directly.

Listening to peaceful, uplifting music alters our brainwaves, emotions, and physicality. Our musical preferences are passed from an old life to a new one. The Ancients knew these things as they used Music as a powerful force in all spiritual aspects of their lives, and as a conduit to other dimensions.

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