Masters of Health Magazine May 2023 | Page 85

Ancient Beginnings for Humanity’s Healing

Sharry Edwards M. Ed

Accelerating human healing through Vocal Mapping: our future depends on its acceptance.

This column strives to bring you the latest in innovative ideas from the emerging field of human BioAcoustics in support of SELF-HEALTH.

Acupuncture is likely the oldest recorded practice of healing that is related directly to the energy systems of the body. describes Acupuncture as meridians located throughout the body that jointly create energy pathways which are responsible for overall health. Disruptions of these unseen energy systems can cause disease, they state.


For diagnostic reasons, modern-day conventional medicine measures unseen frequencies that inhabit our brain and run along nerve fibers. 


Stuart Hameroff, MD, postulates that there is an invisible system - dictating our consciousness – that resides in the realm of small quantum physics – photons and electrons; and speculates that this as yet undetectable system of consciousness resides in microtubules which initiate and maintain our conscious thinking (Hameroff, 2005).

 Just as you can only see the results of creativity, you cannot establish or prove that a structure for creativity exists. All of these concepts support the idea that our bodies have unseen energy-based biofields associated with human animation. 


The idea of unseen, yet measurable systems of, body energy has perplexed our ancestors for many centuries. Our conundrum has become: How do we accurately map what we are theoretically perceiving?


For months, this column has provided information concerning the unseen, but measurable, frequencies of the voice as being a holographic representation of an individual’s intrinsic form and function. Last month we provided evidence that the frequencies of the voice, appropriately measured, could correctly establish spinal abnormalities. In months to come we will be presenting frequency-based case studies showing the reversal of macular degeneration, fibromyalgia pain, fatigue, circulation, and vascular issues, to name a few. Like previous columns we will present appropriate frequency correlations that have been shown to support the body’s self-healing potential.


This month we bring you not only the ability of the voice to diagnose the body’s grievances but go a step further and identify the probable root cause.

Accelerating human healing through Vocal Mapping: our future depends on its acceptance.