Masters of Health Magazine May 2023 | Page 70

If the grandmother in your family is still alive, do not ignore or underestimate her value, wisdom, or the 13 reasons why grandmothers are vital.  Enrich your children with their grandmother’s love and wisdom. 

If you are in government, raise your consciousness, learn from and harness the power of Natural Law, which includes feminine energy.  Invest in programs that support mothering and grandmothers in every area of governance, including Social Security, foreign affairs, national security, crime prevention, ‘real’ health care, and the environment. 

This is the best method to ensure peace and security and reduce crime, physical/mental illness, environmental degradation, and blowout budgets.  Mothering, based on Natural Law, provides solutions for many modern-day problems and supports a sustainable, long-term, thriving economy.


How a society values, nurtures, and nourishes its children, mothers, and grandmothers (elders) will determine the success and survival of future generations.  The vital role grandmothers and mothering play in society is tremendous.  It needs to be taken seriously with more attention than just celebrating Mother’s Day once a year.

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