Masters of Health Magazine May 2023 | Page 68

Animals that stray from their mother’s or grandmother’s protection do not often survive.  Will this similarity produce the same results among humans when children (daughters in particular) break from or are deprived of the grandmother-mother-daughter bond that provides survival skills?


Why are grandmothers so undervalued, poorly treated, and disregarded in post-WW2 America and other English-speaking cultures?


Perhaps, it is the lack of respect and unflattering image Hollywood portrays about grandmothers.  Hollywood rarely makes meaningful films anymore.  Nor do they go beyond depicting women as anything other than mere sex symbols.


Other factors are the commercialization of everything and the consolidation of media power by a centralized, corporate-ruled government.  Powerful corporations have gone to great lengths and expenses to break family bonds (using the divide and conquer strategy) to capture young minds as consumers and for warfare.  They do not want children to listen to their parents, so they can socially engineer them as consumer suckers or easily controlled puppets of the system.  The media, music, TV, video games, mobile phones, and the internet are the powerful tools utilized.

Tragically, the current socially-engineered generation mistake caring for control and no longer honors the Laws of Nature. Nor do they value a grandmother’s skills, love, and wisdom.  How long will they survive?


Perhaps, the answer is part of the agenda.  By the time the current generation realizes why grandmothers are so distraught and concerned about their survival, it will be too late.  The damage done will be irreparable.  Plus, broken families leave many widowed grandmothers out in the cold.

 When today’s grandmothers were young, they did not have the job opportunities that young women now have.  Those that found meaningful work earned significantly less than their male counterparts.  Social Security benefits never allowed for this inequality.  Hence, millions of widowed grandmothers now live in poverty.  Many end up homeless or heavily medicated in nursing homes.  This void needs to be rectified with Social Security income adjustments so they can survive..

Members of Congress seem to be suffering from long-term amnesia regarding this issue.  Yet, they spend billions of our tax dollars on deadly weapons of mass destruction to fight foreign wars and conduct regime change.  How could they so easily forget that these elder mothers and grandmothers were the unpaid backbones that enabled America to achieve much of its greatness?  Their neglect or narrow-mindedness on this issue is tragically shameful and very costly. 


In many Western countries, family bonds are sadly breaking at an alarming rate because illogical government policies and the media, under the guise of ‘protecting others,’ do not value or respect a grandmothers knowledge or wisdom. Instead, grandmothers are treated as insignificant  useless idiots in a system that mandates unethical ‘one size fits all’ protocols.   Also, it promotes deadly drugs and hinders a grandmother’s ability  to benefit and live in harmony with her offspring.

Those implementing this ‘social engineering,’ in collaboration with the media, film, TV, music, medical system, and  food industries have much to answer for.  Their short-term gain will produce a massive long-term loss! 


The feminine energy of a grandmother’s mothering should always be highly valued and respected 24/7, every day of the year.  The survival of future generations depends on it.

Below are 13 reasons why grandmothers are VITAL!


1. Grandmothers devote their life to worrying and caring for their offspring and family - tirelessly, from the heart.

2. Grandmothers make many sacrifices and work hard (for no pay) for their offspring’s health, well-being, and betterment.

3. Grandmothers nurture and nourish their offspring, enabling them to grow and develop properly.

4. Grandmothers are the emotional backbones of their offspring and families.

5. Grandmothers create a beautiful, clean home environment for their offspring.

6. Grandmothers protect their offspring to help keep them safe.

7. Grandmothers discipline and guide their offspring with wisdom in the right direction.

8. Grandmothers teach their offspring skills and survival methods they learned from their grandmothers.

 9. Grandmothers spend a lifetime educating and passing on culture to their offspring.

10. Grandmothers inspire and support their offspring to fulfill their dreams.

11. Grandmothers lift the spirit of and encourage their offspring when they are down.

12. Grandmothers are role models for their offspring.

13. Grandmothers love their offspring unconditionally and make the best of friends.