Masters of Health Magazine May 2023 | Page 24

Cell Reactive Training is a German-based self-healing modality.

It has been developed by David S. Overbeck, a German researcher and scientist, who has dedicated himself to the research and development of new methods for the treatment of chronic disorders for more than 20 years.

The concept is based on a logical application of the discoveries of five Nobel Prize winners (1912 medicine – Alexis Carel, 1932 physics – Werner Heisenberg, 1984 physics – Carlo Rubbia, 1991 physics – Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, 1999 physics –Gerardus´t Hooft, Martinus J-G. Veltman).

Mr. Overbeck connected these findings with his knowledge of TCM (Transitional Care Management) and the discoveries of the physicist Fritz Albert Popp (1976) about the role of biophotons in cell communication.

Cell Reactive Training, according to the concept of Theralogy, reactivates our self-healing powers which are essential for a state of overall health.

Mr. Overbeck developed the concept when researching and working with more than 30,000 clients. With these concepts we get new insights into the energy flow between three main systems: the nervous system, the meridian system and the organ system.

In the meantime, he has been training over 1500 health coaches in more than 7 countries. Everyday inquiries from health coaches all over the world reach him because the practical applications are successful. You can easily understand the method applying logical principles.

Many top international athletes have already used this method with excellent results. This know-how represents a quantum leap in maintaining or restoring a state of overall human or animal health.


Annemarie FraEnkel Diaz -

The only Certified Cell-Reactive Trainer in the United States.

Annemarie has been a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor since 2001. In her desire to provide her clients the best possible training for improved body movement and control, she embarked on a training mission that included practices such as the Franklin Method, Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Sensomotorics, and several other relevant courses. She discovered Cell Reactive Training while at a convention in Germany. Luckily, she is fluent in German and four other languages, and in 2017 began the process to achieve certification in Cell Reactive Training, which was received in 2019.

Annemarie is the only certified Cell-Reactive Trainer in the United States. She has been successfully using Cell Reactive Training techniques with over 100 clients. Many heart-felt client testimonials can be found on her web site.


With the support of David Overbeck and his staff, Annemarie is now offering training classes for individuals interested in providing this unique modality to their clients.

Many professionals will benefit from this new training, including chiropractors, physical trainers and therapists, massage therapists and many others. You can reach her here.


Cell Reactive Training -

German-based self-healing modality

Annemarie Fraenkel Diaz, US Certified Cell Re-Active Trainer, Yoga and Pilates instructor

& David S. Overbeck, Co-Founder, Researcher, PT