Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 131

These cities, showcase advanced agricultural structures with complex irrigation systems and the masterful use of construction materials by those who built them, is yet another reminder of just how grandiose a culture they were and are to this day. We can not ignore the mathematical advances and how the Mayan, using only three symbols and understanding the concepts of zero and infinity, could perform large and complicated calculations.

We have imagined the native peoples of America as basic or "primitive," but as time passes, scientific discoveries disprove this version of the past and allows us to gaze at our history with new eyes.

Recently, one of the most striking findings regarding the Mayan culture has come to light: A city, hidden in the jungle, in the Petén department of Guatemala. Around 60,000 buildings that were part of a large city, where more than 10 million people are estimated to have lived, with a complex network of roads and highways. Its urban development is much higher than that found in several parts of the world during the same period of time, as they had intricate sewers, with water supply and disposal systems. This imposing city is far from what we envisioned in school.

On top of this, we cannot ignore the monumental size of the Great Pyramid of the Danta, also located in Petén. The impressive architectural work reaches 170 meters in height and has an approximate volume of 2,800,000 cubic meters, which makes it 200,000 cubic meters larger than the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

Supported by scientific research, little by little humanity discovers a different panorama with respect to American ancestral cultures. What had been taught to our children loses validity and we find, before our eyes, a more accurate story of incredibly knowledgable beings that will surely contribute to change humanity's perspective about many things. This change is necessary. We have seen that the schemes and patterns within which we had protected (and isolated) ourselves do not work and are not good for us.

This makes me wonder where true ignorance lies. In a nation that dressed differently but had achieved an impressive balance between technology, logic, communal harmony, and spiritual development or in an educational system that takes supposition as fact, that represses, compels, encloses and repeats what has been learned, without investigating properly? I do not know if this is part of a complicated plan designed to keep us submissive and far from the truth or if it is simply the result of years of conditioning and Western-Centrism.

All that matters is the call. Humanity is called to awaken, to seek answers, to have a critical attitude that allows us to if not find, at least come closer to the truth, instead of denying it.