Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 129

ADRIANA "TATA” ROJAS was born in Bogota, Colombia. She studied Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and worked as a stockbroker and trader in major firms and banks in the Colombian capital.

Adriana is a female shaman who acquired her knowledge on the Mayan Path, which she began walking over 20 years ago. She has received teachings from the Eagle Clan Elders and Priests, with the Tzutujil Grandparents and the Tzotz Clan (interdimensional messengers). The Grandmothers of the different watersheds at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala have given her the task of bringing their ancient knowledge of the Sacred Woman to the people of the Western World.

Adriana is currently an Ajq’ij (Mayan Spiritual Guide), and traditionalist expert in the Cholq'ij (Sacred Mayan Calendar), as well as various healing techniques.

She was also initiated in the Amazonian tradition on an extraordinary journey of over 180 miles on foot through the depths of the jungle. It was on this journey that she discovered the strength that dwells within every being and became acutely aware of a pressing need for humanity to reconnect with Mother Earth. This made her one of the few women to be accepted by the Grandparents as a Green Path Warrior.

In keeping with the energies of the new cycle, she has dedicated her time to sharing the ancestral knowledge of the Grandparents with others in a plurality of ways. She gives lectures and workshops around the world in various institutions and organizations that are committed to supporting humanity’s transformation process, highlighting the importance of working with the different energies that coexist within our being and throughout our environment.

She has also organized numerous retreats with women from different nationalities and backgrounds to work on the reconnection and reclaiming of the feminine consciousness energy.

Lastly, Adriana is the author of Dance of the Mayan Energies that has been translated into several languages and published year after year with the purpose of accompanying the reader in an inner journey that allows the person to understand the influence of the different energies in the Sacred Mayan Calendar and open a path marked by consciousness and transformation.