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Affirmation: Avoiding Someone Else’s Spiritual Debt

The following is an affirmation that is important for you to do at least once, although it is better to do it for five consecutive days. The purpose of this affirmation is to ensure that any illegitimate karma you or your family has taken on in this matrix incarnation has a chance of being removed. Of course, this is based on your sincerity and on the fact that you did not cause someone else to take on your karma in another incarnation. This is why you do not, under any circumstances, trick people to take on your karma, as the bill always arrives. It is better to forgive and love others unconditionally, to the best of your ability.

Remember: when you do this affirmation, be sincere. And let all your family members know about this affirmation. This affirmation should be sent to all world leaders and opposition party leaders, so that they can be free from other world leaders. This is called, “Saving Your Planet.”

Before we get to the affirmation, always remember: in every case… I mean, every case… those who are offended by this affirmation, who believe this is nonsense, are the ones that have mastered the matrix, on some level, and they have tricked others to take on their karma, to take on their spiritual debt. In some cases, they have tricked you and your entire family to take on their spiritual debt. So, before you do the affirmation, think about those who would most likely be offended with this affirmation. And those are the ones that you put on your list, to ask God to set you free from these individuals. The person(s) that you really want to be set free from is/are the one(s) that you cannot stop badmouthing. You see, I’ve made it so simple for you. All politicians should know about this affirmation so they can help save themselves, save their families, and save the world. This affirmation is intended to good, not harm to anyone. This is your assignment for the summer. May God bless and protect you.

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EXPLANATION: You need to know that whenever you make an oath, promise, vow, pledge, etc. to anyone, it stays with you from one incarnation to the next. While it stays with you, you are still committed to that person(s), regardless of who they are and/or who they will become in subsequent incarnations. This is why Christ clearly indicated that we do not make any oaths to man. It’s that simple. Religion has removed references from scripture; the books confirming other incarnations. This is your time to embrace this truth and climb higher, to become free of all bondage to man.

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