Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 125

As the founder of 4 companies, Dr. Dorothy has first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing women in business. In addition, as an Executive Leadership Coach/ Consultant, she has supported women from all levels of success, Park Ave, NYC to a small town in Maine.

Consequently, patterns are readily understood as she brings extensive wisdom, knowledge, and experience to the table. Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, speaker, author, consultant/ master coach, and frequent radio, podcast, and television guest in numerous countries, is past-president of the National Speakers Association - CT and on the Board of Directors of various organizations, expanding her understanding of women in positions of leadership.

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A psychotherapist, Dorothy was in practice for 25 + years. Combining, her recognition that mindset and communication skills set us apart with her ability to make the complicated simple, Dorothy is someone to learn from so you can live a life of purpose, power, and passion in the realization that anything is possible if you are willing to look in the mirror, grow, risk, and make any changes necessary.

As you will see, your mindset and ability to communicate make you invisible or make your presence known - it’s your choice - just make sure it’s a presence you want to claim. For Dorothy, it was a presence claimed from growing up in an orphanage, living in an alcoholic home in the housing projects of South

Boston, being a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, a wife, mother, pioneer in integrative health care in the United States, a medical school instructor, graduate professor and so much more. In providing training programs, workshops, keynotes, or Executive Coaching, Dr. Dorothy brings the best of herself, in her full authentic Real Woman style with humor, faith, and wisdom. Start today – in going forward as the Real Woman you are called to be.

Dorothy can be reached BY EMAIL at or through her website::