Masters of Health Magazine May 2017 | Page 12

The Anthrax Whistleblower

During the late 1990s, the doctor’s speaking engagements brought him face-to-face on a number of occasions with Larry Wayne Harris. This pawn in the “big game” was arrested for trafficking anthrax spores claimed by officials to risk American and Iraqi lives pursuant to the Gulf War.

“I had been studying anthrax for several years before 9/11 due to my run-ins with Harris at Preparedness Expos,” Dr. Horowitz recalled. I pegged Harris as a CIA agent provocateur. Why else would Wikipedia censor and spin the truth about Harris. He was actually teaching people how to grow anthrax in home labs to increase national security risks.

I watched the media spin Harris’s arrest to divert from the fact that deadly anthrax was shipped to Saddam Hussein by the American Type Culture Collection—America’s leading bioweapons supplier for vaccine research and biowarfare. Anthrax’s sensational spin was used to justify the Gulf War, claiming Hussein had used bioweapons to kill his own people. Harris was positioned like a Johnny-on-the-spot for propaganda.”

When anthrax bioterrorism was first threatened by network television a week after 9/11, much like the Wag the Dog movie, Dr. Horowitz was watching.

“The mailings were committed a week later—two weeks after the World Trade Center attacks. That’s when I became the first researcher to contact the FBI with intelligence on what was really happening.”

But even though the FBI offered a $1 million reward to anyone who could effectively whistleblow on the anthrax mailers, Robert Mueller’s administration had no ears to hear from Horowitz.

“In fact, they later made me a suspect in the mailings,” he lamented.

The doctor had vetted the entire anthrax fraud and deadly crime accurately. He published his findings openly, posting letters to Mueller and evidence on the Internet.

“I explained why Rep. Tom Daschle and Sen. Patrick Leahy were targeted. I revealed why the American Media company in Boca Raton, FL—the tabloid company—was targeted. It’s no ‘coincidence’ Rudy Giuliani’s company, Bio One, leased that building to operate a bioterrorism clean-up company.

Side-tracking a Presidential Campaign and More

This is not “conspiracy theory,” this is conspiracy reality. In 2008, Dr. Horowitz’s Emerging Viruses book actually derailed Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign. The candidate’s minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, had lectured on AIDS backed by the doctor’s Emerging Viruses text. And when Wright was caused to defend his reasons why HIV/AIDS disproportionately impacts “people of color,” Wright told the media to read Horowitz book. Instantly, the doctor was called into the national news spotlight once again.

“The call from CNN really took me by surprise,” Horowitz recalls. “I hadn’t focused on Emerging Viruses or AIDS for years. I was divinely assigned to remedy all infectious and chronic diseases,” he said. “So I moved on.”

That same year the doctor presented his “medical paradigm shattering” real da Vinci Code revelations through the World Organization for Natural Medicine, including revolutionary intelligence on “intelligent design,” how reality, including biology, is constructed by frequencies.

The doctor’s research have uncovered nine (9) “Core Creative Frequencies” called “The Perfect Circle of Sound.TM” In essence, the doctor heralded the musical mathematics of universal design fundamental to organic chemistry and optimal immunity.

The “LOVE/528 Theory” is solidly evidenced,” he explains. “Your body can be ‘tuned up’ to harmonize with, be sustained by, and healed by nature’s most powerful uplifting and rejuvenating musical frequencies. The religious world calls this “Divine energy” or is the “Holy Spirit”.