Masters of Health Magazine May 2017 | Page 73

On this first encounter I will like to start by sharing with you the ancient system of NADA YOGA

From INDIA (a manifestation of the original teachings)

From the Sanskrit : NADA ( vibration-sound) YOGA ( union)

This particular path of Yoga deals with “NADA BRAHMA” ( the breath of God) the original vibration of life.

As creation descends into denser dimensional existence the mathematical patterns of stronger/denser vibrations manifests in 7 distinctive rays of creations, in this way creating a prism of structures like the Rainbow, 7 musical notes, connecting the glands of the body and the Chakras (vortex of living energy) and with each of them millions of subtler vibrations in between (microtonal awareness), also with each vibrational structure creating different psychological and spiritual aspects of our being. I will share the 7 basic Mantras ( Power words ) this are the BIJA (seeds)MANTRAS related to each center or Chakra

and color.

Starting with the base Chakra (located at the base of the spine)

Color Red, Pitch C , Mantra LAM (repeat the mantra in tune for one minute)

Navel Chakra ( Sacral Plexus)

Color Orange, Pitch D, Mantra VAM

Solar Plexus Chakra,

Color Yellow, Pitch E, Mantra RAM

Heart Chakra,

Color Green, Pitch F, Mantra YAM

Throat Chakra

Color Sky Blue, Pitch G, Mantra HAM

Brow Chakra

Color Indigo, Pitch A, Mantra OM

Crown Chakra,

Color Violet, Pitch B , Silence .

This is a basic guide to start your exploration and create your own system of “SOUNDLIGHT” . Remember we are

biological-spiritual beings and we keep changing continuously , nothing is set on stone, your frequencies change all the time, this is a model to explore. Have fun.

Till next time, be in TUNE!!!