Masters of Health Magazine May 2017 | Page 33

Chlorella and spirulina are algae super foods that come in powdered or tablet form. Sun Chlorella produces the highest quality and most digestible chlorella:

While there are numerous fine brands to choose from, Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina is among the best: Normally, seaweeds are very healthy. Unfortunately, with the high level of pollution and radiation now coming from Fukushima, be very cautious about the source of anything that comes from the sea.

Stick with reputable brands, which are well tested. AVOID seaweeds exposed to nuclear radiation fallout.

BENEFICIAL: Broccoli, dandelion, escarole, kale, okra, onion, parsnips, spinach, Swiss chard, alfalfa sprouts, aloe, artichoke, beet, beet greens, carrot,chicory, celery, collards, garlic, horseradish, kohlrabi, leek, lettuce (Romaine), mushroom (maitake/silver dollar), pumpkin, rappini (broccoli rabe), turnip

NEUTRAL FREQUENTLY: Arugula, asparagus, asparagus pea, bamboo shoot, beet, bok choy, brussels sprouts, cabbage (juice), cauliflower, celeriac, cucumber, daikon radish, endive, fennel, fiddlehead fern, lettuce (other leafy), mung bean/sprouts, mushroom (abalone/enoki/oyster/portobello/straw/tree

ear), mustard greens, oyster plant, poi, radicchio, radish/sprouts, rutabaga, scallion, seaweed, shallot, taro, water chestnut, watercress, zucchini

NEUTRAL INFREQUENTLY: Corn (non-GMO), olive (green), pickle (in brine), squash


Grains have been highly overrated in the USDA Nutrition Guidelines. This error in nutrition has

greatly contributed to an obesity epidemic and been very costly because of the maladies it is creating. Blood type As do not do well with wheat and corn. Their lectins produce inflammation in the gut and contribute to thyroid disorders. Blood type As do better with moderate consumption of certain grains or a gluten-free a diet. AVOID gluten-free products containing corn starch, corn meal, and soy. Unfortunately, most corn and soy products today have been contaminated with GMOs and should be avoided.

See: and learn more about what to look for when buying

gluten-free products:

Grain products should be organic, fat-free, and sugar-free. Also, AVOID all baked goods and grain products (pasta, etc.) containing bromide, fluoride, and nuclear radiation fallout. For a good selection of gluten-free wrap, pizza base, and whole food mixes go to:

Organic, gluten-free brown rice crackers make tasty snacks that are suitable for all blood types. Read the ingredients section and AVOID crackers that contain added sugar, HFCS, oils, MSG, or other flavor enhancers. Edward & Sons, San J, and EatRight are three good brands that produce healthy crackers. Don’t settle for unhealthy, cheap imitations.

Choose cookies or biscuits that are FREE of added sugar, HFCS, and vegetable oils; especially canola oil. Some so called health food companies use organic sugar or cane juice in addition to fats/oils, additives, and flavor enhancers in their baked products.

Use of organic sugar or cane juice is just another gimmick from the sugar industry to confuse and fool the consumer into thinking their products are healthy.

Refined sugar is NOT healthy no matter how organic it is! Keep consumption of all these products to a minimum. If on a gluten-free diet, AVOID all gluten grains listed below.

BENEFICIAL: Essene bread (manna)

NEUTRAL FREQUENTLY: Amaranth, ezekiel 4:9 bread, quinoa, tapioca, teff, 100% sprouted grain


NEUTRAL INFREQUENTLY: Buckwheat/kasha/soba, millet, rice (whole, wild), rice cake, rice flour,

rice milk, rye (whole/flour products), soba noodles (100% buckwheat)