Masters of Health Magazine March 2023 | Page 98

Would you love to wake up feeling like new everyday ?

Would you love better bowel movements , restful sleep and LESS stress ?
Castor Oil Liver Packs are an ancient , time honored , scientifically supported natural health ritual that ’ s practiced nightly so you can FEEL LIKE NEW everyday .
The modernized Queen of the Thrones ® heatless , less mess , ready to wear Castor Oil Liver Pack helps you bloat less , detox better and enhance all of your other self care rituals . Would you love that ? www . drmarisol . com @ queenofthethrones
“ This grassroots , topical treatment should be adopted as a regular health practice . It helps return the body to balance by enhancing its natural rhythm , coordinating the body ’ s regulatory systems and connecting you to your source . No matter what condition you are dealing with , the castor oil liver pack will help you finally feel better .”
Dr . Marisol Teijeiro - Naturopathic Doctor and Innovator of the Queen of the Thrones ® Castor Oil Liver Pack