Masters of Health Magazine March 2023 | Page 88

A fourth suspicion was in regard to the social distancing” that was enforced universally. Who in the world came up with six feet, and where did they get their information from to show that was an effective distance? Even now, the stickers on the floors of all the stores are finally being removed. What study showed that that precise distance would prevent transmission? I have yet to see that evidence.

Now, having all those suspicions in place, we come to the introduction of the injection that was supposed to end the pandemic once and for all. It was introduced as safe and effective.” It was supposed to stop the spread of the virus. It was supposed to at least keep the virus from infecting us badly and reduce the seriousness of the hospitalizations. It was supposed to be better than natural immunity. All of these things it was supposed to be, have now been shown to not be true. At every one of these expectations, the injection has failed miserably.

Worse, we now see that the injection has more negative side effects than the disease itself. It has been shown in many peer reviewed studies that a person is actually more likely to get the disease after taking the shot than if they just depended on natural immunity. There are actually more deaths among those who have had the shot than those who have opted out.

Even more troubling is the information that we are now receiving from insurance companies, that the all-time, all cause deaths among working age people, 18-54 years, is four times the normal rate. This is described by actuarial calculations, as almost astronomical in probability. All of these deaths have occurred since the introduction of the shot. While the exact causal relationship has not been discovered, there is a clear temporal relationship between the introduction of the injection and this increase in all cause deaths in this younger, working age, population.

What this means is that the risk of taking the injection is much higher than the risk of depending on your own natural immunity process to fend off this virus. This holds true for all age groups with the possible exception of the elderly with co-morbidities. Even then, it should be carefully evaluated.

The claim by the health authorities that the injection was superior to natural immunity has been shown to be false by several recently published, peer reviewed studies. When Dr. Fauci advised people who had already recovered from the disease, to go ahead and get the injection, he was giving false information. Whether he knew it at the time or not is up for debate, but it was false, nonetheless. We now know that natural immunity is far superior to the injection and lasts much longer.

It is now discovered that the injection actually cripples the natural immune system. The crippling becomes much worse with each successive booster as well. So, it seems that these injections are leading to an ever diminishing ability of the body to be able to handle viral infections that come their way.

The really troubling false information came about when these health officials” declared that two effective drugs, Ivermectin and Hydroxy chloride, could not be used in addressing the early symptoms of those who had contacted the disease. Instead, the people were told to go home and wait until they had difficulty breathing. By then, they had spread the disease to more people and their symptoms had progressed to a much more difficult stage of management.

Several studies have just been published in the first part of 2023 that show beyond a shadow of doubt that these medications are very effective in controlling symptoms of this disease. One wonders how many people died needlessly because health officials” kept these safe and effective treatments from them and instead prescribed very expensive drugs that had very high rates of negative side effects including death. 

So, my message in presenting these suspicions and discoveries regarding these last three years and this supposed pandemic that enveloped the world is to suggest that we must be students of our times. We cannot afford to place our health decisions into the hands of those who call themselves experts” especially those with conflicts of interest.  It is clear that even with available information, they routinely make bad decisions. Many of those decisions  were  based on financial considerations rather than public health as many health authorities” have financial ties to the major pharmaceutical companies.

At the end of the day, your health belongs to you, and no one should be more interested in how you maintain your health than you. If you are deciding to take the easy route and let someone else make your health decision for you, without doing the research yourself, then you are placing yourself at the mercy of those who have now proven themselves unworthy of your trust.

We must become – Masters of Our Own Health!