Masters of Health Magazine March 2023 | Page 101

Using Sound to Eliminate Pain!

By Jill Mattson, Musician

Did you ever wonder why we instinctively groan when we are hurt??? or cry?? or scream when we are frightened? or why the karate master lets out a cry before he strikes???


This is the body's way of releasing pain, sadness, fear and anger. It is a powerful way to release negative energies that can accumulate, causing you health and other issues. You can intentionally use this natural mechanism to release pain, sadness, fear and anger!

Next time you feel these negative emotions...pretend that you are inside the pain and give it a voice. Let the pain cry, whimper, or scream. Use your imagination and give voice to the negative energy. It will quickly release from your body! Good Reddens! Why not get this crap out the fast way???


Emotional pain is energy that is stored in your auric field, with in your body, and it causes all kinds of mental, physical and emotional havoc. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean that it is not there. Sounding-it-out is a powerful release that can be combined with other energy techniques.


For example, many energy healers set their intent to take out negative energy and literally pretend that they are pulling crap off of your body… where there may be pain. With your intent you can control such subtle energies, such as negative energies. So this technique is effective. You can combine these energy techniques.

Allow the pain to have a sound and with your hands and imagination pull it from your body! You will be amazed at how effective this is!

We learned how to give pain a voice, by using our imagination, and to allow the pain to travel out of our bodies on the sound wave. Now we are going to transmute the negative subtle energy behind the pain into higher energy right with in your body!


Locate a small pain within your body! Give the pain a voice...use your imagination. The pain can whimper, cry, groan or shriek! This time allow the pain to continue to speak for as long as it wants to. (Use your imagination...give the pain a voice as long as it feels right.) This could take 15 minutes or longer, depending on the size and severity of your pain!


As the pain continues to sound - it will begin to sound less angry, less sad or less painful! Eventually the sound will become sweet, joyful as the pain leaves. The subtle energy within your body, often the root cause of the pain, will leave on the tones you have been making. When it is completely gone, it will close to impossible to imagine the area crying or making a sad noise, as it will transform to a happier sound!