Masters of Health Magazine June 2019 | Page 116

Would bottom-line costs decrease dramatically? Would our medical personnel finally feel as if they were really doing patient care again?

What if naturopathic and integrative modalities became the first resource or medical stop for minor problems?

What if every community had that local facility where any problem was big enough to be assessed and treated by an integrative practitioner and only acute problems required MDs or hospital stays?

The loving community that worked with the whole person, in understanding what was happening in their life, their families, their careers, and their community could educate the patient in seeing where the actual difficulty was rather than simply acknowledging the physical symptom and offering a pill.

Masters of Health, would truly make healthcare a Mastery of Multi-Dimensional Living. Now that would be an approach to the profession so many in the current medical environment would enter.

Doing patient care, rather than assembly-line medicine, would feed practitioners as well as patients.

A new approach to health care is possible but only if the medical leaders could see the value and the potential bottom line. Our communities deserve it.

Our communities deserve it