Masters of Health Magazine June 2019 | Page 54

Tonight, we upgrade your spirit!

Karen Atkins

Vitality Lifestyle Educator , + Singer/Songwriter

Music recorded in 432 Hz And other healing frequencies

I met my first Taoist teacher through one of my BodyTalk students who had been studying with him for a number of years.

She came to teach a set of vitality building movements at my healing center and I was very impressed, particularly because I was so consumed with my work at the time and my energy was very low.

Immediately upon practicing the exercises I began to feel tingly and alive. I got her teacher’s dvd with step by step instructions and began to practice almost every day.

My ener*gy began to shift, but I was still working too hard and overburdening myself.

Then, this teacher came to teach a weekend workshop at my center and, despite my busy schedule, I knew I had to attend.

At first, I struggled to keep my eyes open 😵 and focus on the material, but something was penetrating and I started feeling a growing excitement that is hard to put into words -- a bubbly feeling inside that carried a sense of possibility and adventure.

Between the class and the evening lecture, I was working in my office alongside him and in one moment, he suddenly got up, walked towards me and powerfully proclaimed, "come with me, now!"

I followed him into one of our treatment rooms. He pointed to the table and told me to lie down. I complied.

As he directed his hands towards me, I felt as though he was energetically peeling off a layer of old skin that needed to be discarded. That bubbling, exciting feeling began to grow and I could feel myself becoming more present in my body.

After about 20 minutes, he looked at me and said, "OK. We finish." Even though it was a short time, I felt as if he had taken me on a long journey.

I got up and began to greet the event attendees who were beginning to arrive. One of my clients noted, "You look different. What have you been doing?"

"I'm not sure", I replied.

Later on I found the Taoist teacher and asked him what he had done. He looked at me with penetrating, yet gentle eyes and exclaimed, "Tonight, we upgrade your spirit!"

I bowed my head in gratitude, but it would be another 2 years before I would even begin to get a real grasp of the gift he had given me.