Masters of Health Magazine June 2019 | Page 12

I am also happy to report that I am now conducting a research project to study the healing effects of transdermal magnesium in the vet community.

If you think you are suffering from PTSD or if you love a vet whom you suspect is, click here and apply to join the study.

In coming columns, I will discuss PTSD symptoms and how PTSD manifests differently among male and female vets.

I'll also be sharing inspiring healing success stories.

For now, I close this article by saying that

I and We as a collective must not rest until we leave no body on the battlefield of PTSD.

Until next time, I wish you all the love in this world and beyond.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf, PhD

Tulsi Gabbard is a member of the Hawaii Army National Guard. Use of her military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Hawaii Army National Guard, the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense. All factual military information and photographs are provided in conjunction with other non-military biographical data.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, from Hawaii visiting a Veteran