Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 83

4 Conclusions

I am not claiming to have proven that glyphosate is a causal factor in COVID-19. However, at the very least, there is a smoking gun here. It appears to me that prior glyphosate exposure levels is the common theme that links both comorbidities and air pollution to increased risk to a bad outcome from COVID-19.

The circumstantial evidence is very strong, but much more research is needed both to verify if glyphosate is a contaminant in biofuels and exhaust fumes, as well as in glycerol derived as a byproduct, and to study the specific effects of glyphosate exposure to the lungs in animal studies. It is conceivable that the toxicity of biofuels would be greatly reduced if we practiced strictly certified organic agricultural methods, or even that COVID-19 would not have been identified as a crisis if glyphosate were not widespread in our environment.


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Dr. Stephanie Seneff, B.S., M.S., E.E., Ph.D.