Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 56

·Clothes do not fit the same

·Weight loss

·Change in eating habits

·Unusual odors or body odor due to lack of personal hygiene

The Following are the Behavioral and Social Signs of Addiction:

·Secretive or dishonest behavior

·Poor performance and/or attendance at work or school

·Withdrawing from responsibility and socializing

·Losing interest in activities, hobbies or events that were once important to you

·Continuing to use the substance, or engage in certain behaviors, despite the negative consequences that these cause

·Trying but failing to reduce or stop misusing a substance, or engaging in certain behaviors

·Missing work/school

·Work/school problems

·Missing important engagements

·Isolating/secretive about activities

·Disrupted sleep patterns

·Legal problems

·Relationship/marital problems

·Financial problems (e.g. always needing money)

·Conversations dominated by using or drug/alcohol related topics

The Following are the Psychological and Emotional Signs of Addiction:

·Mood swings


·Increased temper





·Inability to focus or concentrate

·Poor judgment

·Memory problems

·Diminished self-esteem and self-worth

·Feelings of hopelessness

·Exacerbation of any existing mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety or stress

·Inability to deal with stress

·Loss of interest in activities/people that used to be part of their lives

·Obnoxious behavior

·Silly behavior

·Confused easily


·Rationalizing – Offering alibis, excuses, justifications, or other explanations for their using behavior

·Minimization – Admitting superficially to the problem but not admitting to the seriousness or full scope of the behavior or consequences

·Blaming – Placing the blame for the behavior on someone else or some event

·Diversion – Changing the subject to avoid discussing the topic

The Following are the Three Cs of Addiction

·Loss of control over the amount and frequency of use

·Craving and compulsive using

·Continued use in the face of adverse consequences

To be continued in the following August 2020 issue.