Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 39

In a rush to exploit the declared CV-19 pandemic and millions of dollars in funding, knowing that there was no liability, millions of defective tests and the improper use of ventilators have been implemented. Millions of tax dollars are being spent on these faulty tests and equipment. Plus, other medical procedures are being put aside or denied, which is causing serious harm to all those being impacted.



In 1983 there were over fifty corporations controlling most of the American media, including books, magazines, music, OL newsfeeds, newspapers, movies, radio, and TV. By 1992, that dropped to half. By 2000, six large corporations took control. Today, only five dominate the industry, which are fed by two main sources.

The media is a very powerful mind control tool that has a strong impact on what people hear, see, think, buy, and how they react.

Over 70% of media income now comes from direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising. Hence, the media is no longer unbiased when it comes to areas of natural health, health/medical treatments, alternative therapies, harm from drugs, or damage done by the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries. In addition, many natural health websites, YouTube videos and documentaries, Instagrams, Tweets, FB sites, blogs, articles, DVDs, and supportive political views are being censored. This is unconstitutional and unacceptable in a free society. Where are the regulators?

Notice how medical advisors and the media never mention that most of the reported CV19 deaths were from other causes, common in elderly people of that age; that most of the people who died were exposed to high levels of environmental pollution or other immune busting factors, such as 5G or other EMFs; that most if not all of these people had received experimental flu shots/vaccines in the months preceding their death, nor that many more people die each month from other diseases (e.g. heart cancer, etc.), the yearly flu, iatrogenesis (medical/drug causes). Plus, there is never any mention of the harm from a junk food diet, the value of good nutrition, or the body’s amazing immune system.

Those who question or differ from the status quo are being bullied, professionally ridiculed, defamed, and censored by MSM (mainstream media). They are also being denied access to OL social media platforms by Google, FB, Tweeter, and YouTube, etc. These media and social media platforms have serious conflicts of interest and are heavily influenced by big pharma. Some are even partnering in pharma’s business.



In spite of all the corruption, incompetence, greedy conflicts of interest, and evil agendas involved, some good has come out of this declared pandemic. People and businesses have been forced to clean up and practice better hygiene. Things have slowed down to enable people to think about what is really going on and who is controlling their lives and health. Plus, many concerned professionals, doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, health workers, whistle blowers, and health conscious citizens with integrity have come forward, spoken out, asked important questions. Informative videos and documentaries have been produced, reporting the facts from emergency room doctors and nurses treating patients.